• Curve in the path

    "The E4 path makes a beautiful winding trek upwards to refuge A"

    photo: Rob Snow

  • E4 and upwards

    "After some 2-3 hours after Refuge A you reach the summit, via the E4 route."

    photo: Rob Snow

  • Keramidi and Spithari

    "At certain time of the year snow can be caught on the mountain tops. And what an impressive sight."

    photo: Rob Snow

  • Supplies are on the trail

    "as part of the provision of supplies, a mule trail comes to Refuge A several times a week."

    photo: Rob Snow

  • Floating among the clouds on Mount Olympus

    "A breathtaking view from Refuge A's balcony, overlooking the Enipeas gorge early in the morning."

    photo: Rob Snow

  • Snow capped tops of Mount Olympus

    "As winter sets in, so does the snow, and Olympus becomes topped with a white blanket for almost half the year."
  • The E4 trail to the top

    "The winding path moves up a constant slope among some vast and open landscapes."
  • 52 peaks rise upwards

    "Mount Olympus is a large National Park that has a cluster of peaks that span it's area. With many a path to follow the trekking possibilities are endless."
  • Exploring the seasons on Olympus

    "Refuge A is open from May to October, and the trip in any given month is a festival of sights, and sense overloads that makes this a special retreat."
Trails to follow around Mount Olympus

First it should be noted that visitors to the mountain, unless accompanied by a local expert or mountaineer, should stay on the designated and marked paths. There are some hazards that can be found on the mountain, as well as perilous drops.
To be safe, don't take risks and follow the markers.

The Olympus National Park covers a large area, and among those hills are many marked and unmarked trails. They pass through some amazing scenery, and encounter wildlife that inhabits the forests and hills around. The National Park authorities have marked trails on the mountain with marker posts or painted signs on trees, to help the traveller to find their way. The National Park ask that your respect the nature reserve, like you would in any natural environment. Not to pick the wild flowers, nor catch or kill the wildlife that roams the mountain. Also, do not drop litter. Please carry the rubbish you create with you and place it in the next appropriate litter bin, or recycling bin. It is also prohibited to camp on the mountain and also make a fire for heating or cooking. Please avoid the urge to smoke on the mountain also, unless at one of the refuges, that can provide the necessary disposal methods. Keep the mountain beautiful!

Many visitors to Refuge A start their trekking journey at Prionia. However, depending on your time and how many days you decide to stay at the refuge, their are several other trails that can bring you there, and to the summit. Simply click on the images below to be taken to a comprehensive listing for each of the five chosen trails around Refuge A. Note that if you'd like to explore other trails around the Mountain you can find a fuller listing here!