• Spilios Agapitos on Mount Olympus

    "The main entrance to refuge A, that provides a welcome resting area for weary travellers."

    photo: Rob Snow

  • Curve in the path

    "The E4 path makes a beautiful winding trek upwards to refuge A"

    photo: Rob Snow

  • Sunrise at Refuge A, on Mount Olympus

    "One of the most prized events on Olympus is the magnificent sunrises that peek from Northern Greece's other mountain, Mount Athos over in Chalkadiki."

    photo: Rob Snow

  • E4 and upwards

    "After some 2-3 hours after Refuge A you reach the summit, via the E4 route."

    photo: Rob Snow

  • Abundance of nature

    "Mount Olympus is home to more than 50% of all the species known in Greece."

    photo: Rob Snow

  • Keramidi and Spathari

    "At certain time of the year snow can be caught on the mountain tops. And what an impressive sight."

    photo: Rob Snow

  • Supplies are on the trail

    "As part of the provision of supplies, a mule trail comes to Refuge A several times a week."

    photo: Rob Snow

  • Floating among the clouds on Mount Olympus

    "A breathtaking view from Refuge A's balcony, overlooking the Enipeas gorge early in the morning."

    photo: Rob Snow

  • Snow capped tops of Mount Olympus

    "As winter sets in, so does the snow, and Olympus becomes topped with a white blanket for almost half the year."
  • The E4 trail to the top

    "The winding path moves up a constant slope among some vast and open landscapes."
  • Company at Refuge A

    "Spilios Agapitos when full, is a warm and friendly resting stop, of like-minded trekkers. Always smiling and always willing to share their stories."
  • 52 peaks rise upwards

    "Mount Olympus is a large National Park that has a cluster of peaks that span it's area. With many a path to follow the trekking possibilities are endless."
  • Wildlife abounds on Olympus

    "with 50% of the known species of Greece located on Olympus, the mountain becomes a living home to many a creature."
  • Exploring the seasons on Olympus

    "Refuge A is open from May to October, and the trip in any given month is a festival of sights, and sense overloads that makes this a special retreat."
  • Colouring the mountain

    "There are over 1,700 species of plant on the mountain, and 23 native species, which in season create a beautiful spotting of colour to the hills."
Welcome to Spilios Agapitos refuge!

Refuge A (Spilios Agapitos) is a magnificent stone building situated on the E4 route that weaves it's way to the top of Mount Olympus. Located on a well situated, stone outcrop at 2,100m, this welcoming hostel is a great stopping point on your journey to the top.

The refuge itself is spacious and well-equipped to handle upto 110 sleeping visitors. It houses the necessary cooking facilities that can serve guests in two large dining areas. All the necessary sanitary facilities are also provided in both of the refuges sleeping areas.

The refuge, known locally as Zolota (due to the surnames of the mangers over the years), has been modified over the years to become a relaxing and pleasant place to spend some quality time on the mountain. A place to get away from it all! And if you can't, we now have WiFi!

NOTICE! All visitors to the refuge are now required to take their own rubbish, and dispose of responsibly. This includes all plastics, glass, food and sweet wrappers and food tins brought with you. Please do not dispose of rubbish on the path, there are bins available at Prionia.

Mount Olympus in a nutshell

Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece. At a height of 2,918m above sea level, it towers over Northern Greece, and can be seen as far away as Thessaloniki. It is situated on the borders of Thessaly and Macedonia.

Olympus has 52 peaks in total, but the two main peaks are Mytikas, the highest peak, and Skolio, the second highest. The mountain is accessible all year round, but caution is advised in the winter months. There are seven main refuges on the mountain and several emergency shelters. Most of the refuges are open in the spring and summer months only. Each with varying seasonal times.

Situated on the E4 route, there are many paths that can be followed around the mountain, that all have a pleasant and wonderful scenery, that will make any trek well worth the effort. The journey to the top can begin at Litochoro, where the E4 starts on Olympus, or you can begin the climb at the last car park at Prionia. The trek can be done quite easily over a pleasant two days, but with this much beauty, why not spend some time taking it in, and that amazing tranquil silence.