Spilios Agapitos - Louki - Mytikas

The path from Spilios Agapitos, first thing in the morning, can seem tiring, as it zig-zags up the main E4 behind the refuge to follow the Chondro Mesorrachi ridge up to Skala. The first part of the path has some tree cover, and passes through some lovely landscape with fabulous views. As the altitude increases, and the lack of oxygen prevents trees from growing, the path opens out. This forms a zig-zagging path that reaches a benched vantage point, just before the Zonaria fork in the path (on the right at 2480m). Here you can take a well deserved break.

This route begins initially as the previous one until reaching 2480m and the path for Zonaria. At this point follow the path to the right which starts off incredibly steep in the beginning before following the undulations of the mountain for some time up to Louki where the characteristic red arrows are painted on the rocks to mark the way to Mytikas. This route is quite difficult and the last stretch in Louki is somewhat dangerous due to a risk of landslides and requires a great deal of care.

Duration: 3 hours Altitudinal difference: 818m Route difficulty: Difficult Length: 2.9 km